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Autumn Oaks Farm & Kennel

Autumn Oaks Farm is a small family owned farm in North Central Missouril.  We specialize in German Shorthair Pointers and only German Shorthair Pointers.  Our German Shorthairs are part of our family, they are raised and socialized for the highest level of personal companionship, hunting quality and conformation.  Established in 2006 and formally recognized in 2009 we continue to grow our reputation as a small family owned and operated farm.  Our foundation has been established with our two males ICH/CH Scout Silverblade Brown JH (Scout) and BIS/ICH/CH Bleugras Brown Hearts on Fire (Blade).  Two very dynamic styles of the same breed.

Week 12 Reminders

New owners of the Mist Litter just a reminder that next week is week 12 and puppies are due for their final round of shots. With that said they will also be old enough to attend formalized training.


For the "do it yourself" clients I would recommend web site. It is a partner group with the AKC CAR program. is a good resource even if you are using more formal instructor based training. For those of us like myself that need to schedule the training to make sure we are effective formal training solutions can be an effective alternative. However they still require commitment by you the new caretaker. For those in the St Louis area consider the , Greater St Louis Dog Training Club. For those in the Ohio and surrounding area you should consider Meadow Run Dog Training.

Whether you choose a DIY Training like or a full service training program such as Meadow Run Dogs. Training is going to be key to a long and happy relationship with your new family member.


As always we like to see and hear how your new family members are progressing.

BIS GCH/ICH Bleugras Brown Hearts on Fire "Blade" Best of Breed & Group 4 at Purina Farms - St Louis Dog Breeders Show.
Blade today finishes his GCH Title and shows at seven years old he can still compete in the ring with the top dogs and handlers in the country.  Under the skilful guidance of Patty Huffman his long time handler he finished his GCH with a near perfect record and limited showings.
German Shorthaired Pointer Pedigree
 Pedigree database is back on-line and functional.  There is some on-going cleanup going where we have some past images that are missing.  All of the code functionality is working properly.  The only other known issue.  We are seeing anomalies (timeout issue) if you run pedigrees with more than 6 generations.  

If there are any updates or additional pedigrees you would like added please contact us through e-mail.  This is a web-based version of the off-line GSP database that I continue to work on.  We currently have over 27,000 individual pedigrees listed in the database.

We will be making addition improvements to the code over the next few weeks and months. Currently you have these options.

Pedigree with links, this allows you to follow specific pedigree branches.
Pedigree without links, this is a standard pedigree format.
Breeding Info, provides sibling information and offspring information
Trial pedigrees, so you can see how a specific breeding would look like.
Reverse pedigree, looking at a specific dog and all of its offspring and their offspring.
Scout Finishes JH Title
Joplin and Wright City, Missouri.  Over the last two weekends Scout finished 4 of 4 legs for his JH.   With four qualifying scores we are just waiting for the official confirmation from the AKC.

Thank to the Gateway Vizsla Club for hosting the event at the Missouri Gun and Quail Club.  Managed to catch up with some folks I have not seen in awhile and met some new folks along the way.

Recent Updates

The site has been updated and revised after a major server blow out on the legacy GSPDOG.NET server.  For those new to the site we hope you enjoy your stay, for those who continue to follow us thank you for your continue support.  I have start publishing specific pages so there will be continuing changes over the next few weeks and months so check back often.

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Litter Announcement

We are happy to announce a recent partnership with Endever Kennel.  We have breed ICH/CH Scout Silverblade Brown with Endever's CH Shamrock Endever N All That Jazz.  More details and puppy availability can be found in the Upcoming Litters section.

Welcome to the German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) Breed known by it's German Name of "Deutsch Kurzhaar". The GSP was developed in Germany in the late 1800's to be an all-purpose dog. In the early days the origination of The German Shorthaired Pointer as a breed can be specifically tracked back to 1872 with the first original Pedigree registration of HEKTOR I. The one thing the early breeders were in agreement on was the "utility" of the breed. The specifically wanted a dog that was as comfortable in the field as it was in the water This was the turn of the century, the beginning of the industrial revolution and middle class society was being developed. As such hunting dogs had been the luxury of wealth families but that trend was changing. The first German Shorthaired Pointer was imported in the United States in 1925 by Dr.B.C. Thorton. Reading an article written in the book "German Shorthaired Pointer Activities" published in 1953 Dr. Thorton's tells a number of stories about these early German Shorthaired Pointers. One thing is clear both from the pictures and the text the breed we see today has withstood the test of time.